Our Way To Help

Here in Bali Soap, we consider ourselves to be one big happy family in which we share the same values of unity in diversity, of strength and perseverance with every changing season. When Bali was hit by the 2002 terrorist bombing attack in Kuta and when Mount Agung erupted in 2018, most of the island’s inhabitants suffered the economic, financial and psychological repercussions, including us. We survived all of them thankfully. Now this year 2021, we are living in uncertain times with this pandemic and we will keep on doing what we have always been doing – we hold true to our values, we walk the talk and we are determined to extend our family, to help out the communities in need, because families stick together.

From January to July of 2021 thus far, we have donated a total of 1,258 products worth Rp 24 million (mostly soap bars and hand sanitizers) and a total of 825 basic needs items including used clothes through joint humanitarian missions with Bali-based NGOs and also to orphanages. For highlights and updates, please see our reports below.

Giving Some Hope and Care.

Bali, being one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world with its beautiful nature and rich culture, has also a longstanding water crisis that has been going on for decades. Aside from the low level of rainfall that made the mountain springs dried up, the fast-growing mass tourism business that are mostly focused in densely populated south of Bali has also been the major factor that is…

Extending Our Family to Amed .

The two trips we did to Bunutan village in Amed really left a deep impression in our hearts. The hospitality, the genuine smiles and the happy faces of the children let us truly see the resilience of these villagers albeit their less than ideal living conditions. Bunutan is a village of 5,000 people, located in the beautiful picturesque in the northeastern part of Bali, Amed which is surrounded with …

A Collective Solidarity to The Bunutan Villagers.

Along with our partners at Peduli Alam Foundation and the local NGO, Team Action Amed Foundation, we joined their weekly donation giveaway to Bunutan villagers in Amed back in May and July 2021. Amed is a well-known tourist destination in Karangasem District, Bangli Regency, about 82km or 2.5 hour-drive from the airport. It is adorned with black sand beaches, …